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Why attend nursery?

Attending nursery can be a very positive experience for a child and is seen by education professionals as an important way of developing their confidence and social skills. Below you will find some of the benefits identified by our early years experts.


Social skills

Interacting with children of a similar age helps children to learn how to make friends, play with others, listen, share and take turns.


Communication skills

Interaction with other children and nursery staff helps children to expand their vocabulary, as well as learn how to communicate their opinions and emotions.



Children get the opportunity to be independent and form new relationships, skills that are important for their long-term mental and emotional wellbeing.


New skills

The range of activities and resources on offer at nursery provides a stimulating environment for a child. But a new skill doesn’t have to be an academic one — it can be learning how to put on a coat or tidy away after play.


Building immunity

Being at nursery with other children and grown-ups helps develop a child’s immunity to infections such as colds. The high levels of activity and outdoor time at nurseries also contribute to a child’s physical wellbeing.


Being ready for school

The routine and structure of time spent at nursery eases a child’s transition to school, especially when the nursery and the primary school are one and the same.


Firmer foundations for learning

Time spent at nursery establishes at an earlier stage the confidence, determination, critical thinking and positive disposition towards learning that all children will need on their journey through education and beyond.

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