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Primary School

Children at Raynham learn through play, developing and following their interests, as well as being given experiences in topics relevant to our families.

They interact with adults in their play and during guided activities, and we also support them in building strong relationships with each other.

It’s an approach that is carefully planned but looks like the most natural thing in the world when delivered.


About us

  • We use the same ethos and approach throughout the whole of our early years, from our two year olds in nursery to our reception children.

  • This allows our children to progress confidently to the next year group as they are familiar with this way of learning.

  • It means our children settle confidently and are ready to build on their learning with enthusiasm.

  • Outdoor learning is important at Raynham. It helps with developing our children’s confidence, resilience and skills, and also has clear benefits in terms of physical development and wellbeing.

Why should I send my child to nursery?

  • Attending nursery is seen by education professionals as an important way of developing their confidence, communication and social skills.

  • Children get the opportunity to be independent and form new relationships, skills that are important for their long-term mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • The routine and structure of time spent at nursery eases a child’s transition to school, especially when the nursery and the primary school are the same.

Who can attend?

  • We accept children at the start of the term after they turn two.

  • This service is for children whose families receive income support or benefits.

  • Places are funded by Enfield Borough Council, so parents do not pay.

  • Families that qualify get 15 hours of nursery a week — three hours a day in either morning or afternoon sessions.

Three and four-year-olds
  • All children get 15 hours of nursery a week for free when they are three or four.

  • They start nursery in the September after they turn three.

  • Families get 15 hours of nursery a week which is made up of three hours a day either in the morning or afternoon session.

What do I do now?

  • You can check if your two-year-old is eligible for the Terrific Twos funding for 15 hours HERE. You will get a code if your two-year-old is eligible.

  • All applications (two-year-olds, plus three and four-year-olds) are made to the borough council. This is done HERE. You will be asked for a code if you are seeking a place for a two-year-old.

  • We can support you through this process. Please email us HERE, call us on 0208 807 4726 or come into the school office to find out more.

Contact us

Raynham Primary School & Nursery
Raynham Avenue

N18 2JQ


Tel: 020 8807 4726


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