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What age can my child start?

  • In schools offering two-year-old provision (Galliard, Raynham and Wilbury), children can start the term after they turn two.

  • In all our nurseries a child can start in the September after their third birthday.

  • We also have some ‘early start’ nursery places for three-year-olds (sometimes known as ‘rising threes’). 'Rising threes' start in the term after their third birthday

How many hours do we get?

  • Each child is entitled to 15 hours, which sees that child attending nursery five days a week in either a morning or an afternoon class.

  • We also have some 30-hour, full-time nursery places for eligible families.

Do we pay for those hours?

  • No, all places are fully funded.

  • Places for three and four-year-olds are funded through the local authority.

  • Two-year-olds are funded through Enfield’s Terrific Twos programme.

  • All 30-hours places are funded through ’30 hours’.

  • See individual school pages for details of any additional charges.

How do we apply for a place?

  • All admissions go through the local authority, Enfield Borough Council.

  • For two-year-old provision, check eligibility and apply online HERE then contact your chosen school.

  • For three and four-year-olds apply HERE.

  • For ‘early start’ places please also contact your chosen school to register.

  • For 30-hour, full-time nursery places, check eligibility HERE then contact your chosen school.

Is there anyone who can help me apply?

  • Yes, our nurseries will help you through the application process if you need help. Just go to the page for the nursery you would like to attend, find the contact details and get in touch.

Our details

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Children First Academy Trust,

c/o Wilbury Primary School,

Wilbury Way, London, N18 1DE.
Tel: 020 8807 5335
Company number: 11834165

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