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Primary School

At Galliard Nursery, children are given long periods of uninterrupted play so they can follow their interests.

There is a balance of child-led and adult-led learning that is carefully planned and supports the children to develop their language, build their confidence and be independent.

Galliard Nursery places high importance on outdoor learning and has a large outdoor area that has been carefully designed to meet children's needs.

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About us

  • The adults in our nursery join in sensitively with children's play, engage in effective interactions, at times support children to follow their interests and at other times lead the learning.

  • We have a large outdoor area that has been developed to meet the children’s needs in all areas of learning. The children have access to outdoor learning throughout the nursery session. There are many opportunities to explore, be curious, practise problem-solving skills and learn about the world around them.

Why should I send my child to nursery?

  • Sending your child to nursery provides a routine and structure to their day which helps them to feel safe and secure. This supports them to build their confidence and control their feelings which is great preparation for when they enter school. 

  • Academically, socially and emotionally your child will learn new skills every day. They will spend time with groups of children and will learn how to share, take turns, make friends and negotiate new social situations.

  • These valuable life skills lay the foundations for the learning journey ahead.

  • Most of all, nursery is a fun and happy experience for your child where they will access many new activities for the first time. 

Who can attend?

  • We accept children who are eligible for Terrific Twos funding at the start of the term after they turn two.

  • This service is for children whose families receive income support or benefits.

  • Places are funded by Enfield Borough Council, so parents do not pay.

  • Families that qualify get 15 hours of nursery a week.

  • This can be taken as three hours a day in either morning or afternoon sessions or over two whole days.

Three and four-year-olds
  • All children get 15 hours of nursery provision a week for free from the term after they are three years old.

  • Some children will start nursery in the September after they turn three.

  • Some places are available at the beginning of the term after a child turns three (we call these children Rising Threes). This means that a child born in October could start nursery in the January after they turn three.

  • Families get 15 hours of nursery a week — three hours a day in either morning or afternoon sessions or two whole days.

30 hours of nursery a week
  • Three and four-year-old children with two working parents or carers, or a working single parent or carer, can attend nursery for 30 hours a week.

  • This is fully funded by Enfield Borough Council.

What do I do now?

  • You can check if your two-year-old is eligible for the Terrific Twos funding for 15 hours HERE. You will get a code if your two-year-old is eligible.

  • You can check if your three or four-year-old is eligible for 30 hours of nursery HERE. You will get a code if your three or four-year-old is eligible.

  • All applications (two-year-olds, three and four-year-olds and 30 hours) are made to the borough council. This is done HERE. You will be asked for a code if you are seeking a place for a two-year-old or for 30 hours for a three and four-year-old.

  • We can support you through this process. Please email us HERE, call us on 0208 804 1818 or come in to the school reception to find out more about this support.

Contact us

Galliard Primary School & Nursery

Galliard Road


N9 7PE


Tel: 0208 804 1818


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